Sunday, July 6, 2014

Whew. I am back from vacation. Well, I have been back for awhile now, but it’s been kind of a crazy, hectic week. I promised to let you know how Wahl’s Paleo was while I was on vacation. And, here I am ready to share!

I spent a week with my mother in law in Boston and 2 weekends with my Mom in CT. Overall sticking to the diet was a success! Fortunately, there is a great farm near my MIL where they sell amazing produce so I kept stocking up there. One of the best things to happen though was my blender broke. Yes, that’s a great thing. BECAUSE… it meant I finally had to go purchase my Vitamix. On the advice (and financial help) of my MIL, we chose to purchase the two speed Vitamix which is perfect for me because I am just starting out. WOW, what a difference in my smoothies. When you get the opportunity I highly recommend investing in one. It comes with a 7 year warranty and is well worth the cost for the amount of things that can be done with it and how much better your smoothies will taste. (Not to mention your whole fruit margaritas, YUM!)

I will probably break this post in to two or more because there is so much I want to share. First up was the trip up and back. A road trip with two boys under 7 for 12 hours. And, I refused to buy fast food. So, I packed a cooler with all of this:

Bone broth, veggies in the plastic bag, more veggies and nuts in the paper bag, choc milk for the kids, salad dressing, coconut milk and flourless pancakes

and this:

blender (that broke), chips for the kids, kale chips for me, bananas, ghee, coconut oil
blender (that broke), chips for the kids, kale chips for me, bananas, ghee, coconut oil

And, we made it. For breakfast we ate flourless pancakes which I premade (and are not technically on my diet, but they worked perfect for the trip) then added dairy free, soy free, gluten free chocolate chips to. When we stopped for lunch the boys ate peanut butter and sunbutter with carrot sticks, fruit and yogurt. I ate a LARGE salad with almonds. I snacked on the kale chips all day which was about 3-4 cups worth. (They are DELICIOUS!)

By the time I got to my Mom’s house for the first weekend of the trip, I still had enough food leftover to last until I got to Boston the following day. It was blissful to know we survived the trip eating mostly healthy foods! (except for the Pringles that I packed for the kids because that’s their comfort trip food.)

Wow, that was a lot to share and that’s just the beginning. I can’t wait to share more with you. Let me give you a hint, there was definitely some of this going on:

My Mom!
My Mom!

Good night and good health!



  1. Sounds aweseome! So glad you were able to pack all that food for the trip! I hate fast food, and am always trying to find healthy substitutes for the family. After a few days spent with my vegan cousin, I’m seriously considering investing in a blender…

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