About Me

On January 13, 2000 I was devastated to learn I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I knew then and there I wouldn’t give up without a fight. 2 years and many medications later I felt defeated. I was at my lowest and the worst part was that the medications made me feel worse than the disorder. I was willing to try anything.

My first introduction to a healing diet was the MS Swank Diet by Roy Laver Swank. 12 years later I found the Wahl’s Protocol. Then, on to the Medical Medium and his 28 day detox cleanse.

With each new start, I encountered physical, emotional and mental challenges. Each time I looked for support, somewhere to turn, somewhere to feel less alone and struck out. Everyone was thrilled to share how these diets were working for them but what was their process like? Was I alone in the struggles I was facing?

That leads me here. A blog I started a few years ago, but gave up on and am resurrecting in the hopes that I can help someone else feel a little less alone in their brave attempts at living their healthiest life.

Best health to you.

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